Lyme Disease..

Here is my story of Lyme Disease so far…
I will post a list of some of my symptoms at the bottom of this đŸ™‚

Back in 2012 I guess you would say I was just feeling off, I visited my GP a few times that week thinking I could have had something serious as I was really tired, thirsty and just not feeling good at all… They told me it was just a virus or I was run down or something so I kept working and just ignored how I felt….. That was until one night I got tingling in my legs, although honestly I ignored that too and thought I had just sat funny and would wake up and be gone so I set my alarm for work and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up and I soon realised I couldn’t feel my feet, my feet were on an extension cord that was on the floor and I looked down and couldn’t feel it under my feet. I rang my GP and they got me in pretty much straight away, I explained what had been happnening and how I could now no longer feel my feet or even walk! I was sent straight up to hospital with a letter from the doctor asking for more tests! I guess that’s where my long journey really started.

I was admitted to hospital and spent about a week there, I couldn’t walk, feel my legs and I was so exhausted and stressed. I had a team of doctors in hospital who everyday tried to push me to walk a little further, it killed me but all I wanted to do was go home so everyday i tried to just make it a little further so I could go home and have a good nights rest! By about the 5th or 6th day I finally struggled further enough that they said I could go home. I underwent so many tests while in there, MRI, Bloods, you name it I had it, I even had to go back in after I had been sent home for a lumber puncture which would test me for MS. This test to date is the most painful and scary thing I have endured possibly test wise!! Although it was great news I didn’t have MS it really didn’t give me an answer, I was still undiagnosed and unable to walk.. How could i have just had my whole life ripped out from under me? I was 20, I was healthy and fit and loved to go out and spend time with my friends and go out drinking.. I had just started a new relationship and this is how we got to welcome it! From then on my life changed i guess, I couldn’t go out clubbing (I even hired crutches one night so I could celebrate my good friends 18th birthday), I couldn’t work, I couldn’t go and do fun things with my boyfriend like nice long walks and adventures.. Slowly the less I could do the more I found I got invited less and less to things… My friends were amazing and would come and hang out with me and bring as much to me as they could or invite me to house parties so I could go but it did take a toll, it wasn’t fair on them to have a sick friend who spent 90% of her time in bed! Work became a huge stress, my bosses would ring me and tell me they needed me back at work, I would get off the phone and just cry and cry, I couldn’t stand for 8 hours, I couldn’t even walk to the fridge without struggling! My dad needed up having to get involved to tell them I would be back at work when I was healthy enough… I get they were running a business but they didn’t understand that I was unable and incapable of even having a shower!

Then I guess things got worse for me.. I had my freedom taken away, my license. My GP thought that seeing as I couldn’t feel my leg it would be the best thing. I was so lucky I have such an amazing and supportive boyfriend and family, my nan would come in and take me shopping and to doctors appointments once a week and just get me out of the house, we even went on little road trips. My mum would come and pick me up and take me to appointments if my nan or boyfriend couldn’t and just take me for a drive. It was nice to get out of the house i guess as it gets pretty depressing when you can’t do anything, and depressed I soon became. I quit my job and became focused and consumed by it all, I spent days on end in bed, I spent hours and hours googling searching for an answer, we spent so much time and money travelling seeing neurologists and specialists.. After being told so many times we can’t find anything, we don’t know, is it in your head, just accept its a mental thing i became even more disheartened and depressed.. All these specialists and tests and no answers, nothing.. How could it be, how could they not know they are doctors they train in this they are suppose to have all the answers. As well as specialists and doctors I had seen naturopaths, physios and other natural/alternative options! Physio was the thing that helped the most, I had an aiming physic who helped me build some strength back up, I still couldn’t do much but I could do more!

I guess if we fast forward a few years till last year rather than me rambling on about more pointless doctors visits and more depression and just emptiness I can give you some more hopeful news… After moving states and more physio type stuff, I done more research as had my family and we decided it would be worth me being tested for Lyme Disease. After researching and finally finding a doctor we went and seen him and he said that it sounded as though thats what it was, some very expensive blood tests later, a few trips to Sydney and in April this year I finally had my diagnosis! I guess now its all still so new and unknown to me, it freaks me out, I don’t know what to expect now I have started treatment, I don’t know how long until I will be better… I do know that I try to not let this rule my life now and that I want to beat this and be able to have the family I dream of, the house I dream of and a career! Treatment is only new for me, I have started on antibiotic treatment and will need more antibiotics and other things in the future and will post about how my treatment is going as I get more into it!


Some symptoms I have (everyone is different but these are mine):

  • Numbness/weakness in left leg and hand occasionally
  • Memory problems (short term more so)
  • Aching and spasms in left leg
  • Sleep Disturbances, not able to fall asleep
  • Insane fatigue, no amount of sleep is ever enough
  • Feeling of something under my skin
  • Depression/anxiety


Note: I don’t recall being bitten by a tick or having the bulls eye rash they say you get so you can still have it! Please don’t give up on fighting to find out whats wrong and getting your life back!

Iv been slack…

I promised myself that once I started to blog again I would blog twice a weeks every week! But that was before life got busy, and now it’s hopefully settled down a little il be able to get back into it. It’s 12:41am here in Australia and I can’t sleep so I thought why not blog about what’s been going on in life seeing as I haven’t worn makeup or done my hair for the past 2 weeks. 

So I guess the first thing that got in the way was work… I manage where I work and have been busy doing all the things i guess I need to do, social media, making rosters, updating/making price lists and everything else that comes with the territory, plus I had been quiet stressed from work the last few months that when I got home I would literally just crash on the couch and my wonderful boyfriend would wake me if I fell asleep and bring me tea, or else he would feed me and let me watch tv and then go to bed. I’m so lucky in that sense as he also works and cooking is the last thing he wants to do at the end of the day but I am sometimes just so stressed or physically exhausted! 

Then back in April I went for a trip to Sydney to a specialist to get some answers for an ongoing health issue I have had for the past 4 years, and I finally got a diagnosis and started treatment which has made me so tired as the anti biotics are I guess trying to fight what’s been going on. I still don’t want to believe I have it in a way as it throws a spanner into my life plans! But anyways I have lymes disease, and although it’s said that it’s not in Australia it sure has to be seeing as I have never left the country! I will make a post about this later on and explain my symptoms, story, treatment for those out there who have it or think they may have it. I guess Iv been getting my head around it all and digesting that also as well as working full time!

And I guess the last main thing which probably was stressing me and getting in my way of loving my makeup and hair and blogging was my surgery for my endometriosis which I have just had my 4th surgery for, now that I have done that I guess it’s a big weight lifted and hopefully I stay pain free for a while before needing more treatments or surgery! I have a blog post on endo but I may also make another one about my zoladex injections for the girls out there who are unsure about wanting to go down that path!

I know this isn’t a very interesting post but I guess it opens up the chance of people going through the same thing to reach out if they need and have someone to talk to or even reach out and share your experiences with me of your treatments and experiences! It can be so lonely dealing with invisible illnesses and although you look fine and normal on the outside you feel mentally and physically and just drained! 

So stay strong girls and guys, things do get better eventually, and if not don’t let your illness own you… Own it, don’t let it stop you living your life. Learn your limits and live your life as best you can! 

Tips for buying a new car..

Recently i purchased a new car and the experience was not as exciting and as enjoyable as it should have been. My very first new car i purchased i was 19 and my dad helped me do it, from negations, the loan, extras… He was in charge i just had my name on the paper and chose the car. I decided this time I would like to do it alone without the help, except from my partner and advice from a few people on how to negotiate and stuff. So here is my experience and some tips i have learnt along the way…

Australia Day i went to the car yard to look at the car i wanted again after getting a quote over the phone from the car yard- (TIP- try and get the quote emailed to you) I test drove the car again just to make sure i did really like it (TIP- try and test drive the cars you are interested in on the same day or as close together as possible). One very important thing my partner had taught me during this before going on is that you have to act like you don’t care if you walk away from the car, this worked wonders for me i made out as if i didn’t need to buy the car that day and when it came to negotiations on price and extras it worked in my favour! Which was the next step in the car purchasing process if you want to go ahead (TIP- shop around don’t just go with the first car yard, compare interest rates, change over price, and any deals they may have on at the time). When it came to talking serious I found it worked really well to ask the sales man to give you some space to discuss with my partner about if we should really purchase on the day MAKE THEM SWEAT, he then came back and asked what he could do to make me purchase the car on THAT day. I followed with the can you give us some space and made a list of extras i wanted.

I asked to be included:

Floor mats- some cars come with them standard, some don’t
Window tint, i mean who wants to burn through their windows
A loan car when i get my car serviced- again some car yards give you this, this one didn’t so i asked
Extended warranty, I get this if i get my car serviced at the car yard i purchased that car from for an extra 3 years if i maintain the scheduled servicing
Slimline number plates
A set interest rate of the percentage that was quoted
Other things you could ask for:

Free scheduled servicing for a certain time
No repayments on your loan for a time frame
Extras they offer- paint protection, interior protection, etc
Free rego, stamp duty and CTP (in NSW)

After all of that being agreed, the contract to buy was signed pending finance approval. I then went and chatted with the finance guy and i learnt a HUUUGE lesson here, as it was closing time he said he will verbally ask me some questions and fill out the rest. DO NOT DO THIS i have no idea what questions should have been filled out. It didn’t bother me at the time as i was approved but it bothers me now that i don’t know what was put down.

Picking up the car was supposed to be exciting, I went in to sin the contract MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR THIS TO BE GONE THROUGH EVEN JUST KEY NUMBERS! My contact was rushed through and i was just asked to sign and initial on each page, being my first time doing something this big alone i was unsure what should have been run through with me. When i got home i found all the paper work for my previous car loan and found out that some important documents hadn’t been given to me which stated my interest rate, weekly repayments, monthly repayments and loan term which is called a loan schedule. Finally after contacting the finance company i got a copy of this to find out they had made my interest rate much much higher than they told me it would be and higher than my previous loan (TIP- if you find something wrong, fight! Don’t let them take advantage of you). After contacting the salesman, and the finance guy to be told lies and contradicting stories to make it sound like he hadn’t done the wrong thing, i slowly rang and found people higher up to talk to.. Finally i sent a 3 page letter of my experience to the sales manager of the dealership and the dealer principle and that reacher the finance manager. Within hours of reaching the finance manager and within 5 minutes of speaking to him he ha the whole problem rectified, and the dealership offered to service my car for free to make up for the trouble… So here are the key things to do and look our for when purchasing a new car:

do your research, test drive all the cars you like and do as many as you can on the same day
research upkeep costs, how much your services will be, tyres etc
research any problems the car may have or recalls on the model
shop around for prices and get written quotes if possible for everything they include in that quote- car, interest rate, extras
find out who has he best interest rate, your bank, another bank or the car yard
what you can afford to pay weekly and see if they can cater to that need when purchasing
work out what extras you want on your car, wether they be thrown in in the purchase or ones you want to purchase
act as if you can walk away from the car and you don’t want it that bad
take your time when deciding if your not sure, walk away and have a think and go back for another drive
when it comes to talking about purchasing don’t be scared to ask for extras to be thrown in for free- the worst they can say is no!
make sure you are aware of the paper work you are filling out and what you are putting your name on
if your not sure seek advice from your bank, other half, parent, etc
make sure you get a copy of everything you sign or initial
be aware of all the numbers before you sign, interest rate, repayments etc
know your rights and don’t be afraid to ask for things or stand up for yourself if something isn’t right!
And most of all enjoy your new car, as its an investment you will have for a while đŸ™‚



Endometriosis… Is a bitch! I’m not going to write hugely what it is and if your not sure google it coz it will explain 100% better than I can but I will write about my experience with it. And overview is that is causes extreme pain for me to the point where I feel sick, can’t sleep, feel like a zombie, sucks the life out of me, prevneted me from working, causes heavy bleeding, more pain that I just want to rip my insides out, makes me depressed at times, could possibly take away my chnave of having a family and causes me to be every emotional at time about things! Personally for me my pain is always there wether it be mild pain or server pain, no matter where I go it follows and is like my shadow!
I have probably suffered from it since I first stared getting my period (yes gross period) my periods were so painful that I would be curled up on the couch for the week in such bad pain I couldn’t move, I would feel so sick, I would bleed heavily and I would cry myself to sleep the pain was that bad. School that week was impossible. At about 14/15 I went on the pill for my acne, I never bothered telling the doctors about my pain because I thought it was ‘normal’. The pill helped me a bit but I still had pain despite being on the pill, it made my bleeding not as heavy and cleared up my skin which gave me more confidence!

When I was 18 I was admitted to hospital after spewing in pain and being terrible sick, this whole ordeal was secretly a blessing in disguise! I was put under the gynos. It was so confronting having to have internal ultrasounds and it was so painful, the whole hospital experience diagnosed me with what was wrong which is not really relevant other than the fact it leads to my diagnosis! They also found a cyst a couple of centimetres long. I was put under my gyno for regular check ups, I had a few and as it didn’t reduce in size it was decided that I would need surgery to remove it from my ovary!

After a few months wait I was going in for my very first survey, I was terrified! I was scared of all the things that could go wrong, of the pain and my recovery. I remember telling my mum that they should give me an ultrasound to make sure I still needed surgery. Afyer my surgery I was violently ill from the anasthetic, it made me feel so sick, I was in so much pain. I ended up staying the night in hospital and was sent home the next day! After about 2 weeks I was In less pain and after a few months I was vertially pain free. I went back to the gyno for my follow up results and it was not what I expected at all! He told me that I had endometriosis, he explained what it was and that I had it quiet bad for someone of my age (stage IV). My mum was concerned about my future and having children so she asked a lot of questions. I remember I was on of those people who didn’t want to have kids l, who wanted to travel and not have to have the responsibility of looking after someone else, I have 2 little brothers they were all I needed I didn’t need my own kids!! That day my whole opinion on having children changed and from that day having children has been on my mind daily! 

Within 12 months I was back in pain and needed to have a pap, I went back to visit to find I had pre cancer cells. He decided that it would be best to removed the Ella while I was under and remove more endo. That op was painful, and to top off that I ended up with a infection where he removed the cells from, it took longer for me to heal from that one as I needed anti biotics to clear up the infections. He told me in my follow up appt that my condition was too extreme for him to handle and was in places he couldn’t reach so I was off to the big smoke. I was placed on danazol a drug which put my body into a menopausal state, I got hot flushes but it was well worth being in less pain. 

The following year I was off to a bigger hospital for my consultation and to fill out the paper work for my next op! It was so weird compared to where I usually went so much bigger, so many more people and a much longer wait. It was the same process and it was decided I would stay on the medication until I had my next lap. I was put on a 12 month waiting list which felt like forever. In April 2014 I was going in for my third lap only days before my birthday which sucked majorly! I was supposed to be only having day surgery but same as my previous ops I was very ill from the anasthetic. My mum and partner drove home for the night which was like 3.5 hours away. After they had left the doctor came into see me and fill me in, I was told they could no find any endo at the time and that it looked like one of my tubes had been destroyed and I only had one. Who’s broke my heart when my mum rang I lost it, from the start I had been told my left side would be my bad side and cause me trouble conceiving and now I was told I didn’t have a proper tube on my right side! I just couldn’t get my head around it and still can’t!The next day he drove back up to pick me up. This op took me almost a month to heal from, I have no idea why, if it was because they have put dye through me or cut out the mass they had found I really have no idea.

After that lap I bled constantly on and off for months and months it was painful and horrible and after going off the meds my pain came back I full swing. My partner and I moved in June 2014 to NSW. After bleeding to the point where I needed to change every hour I said to my dad I need to find a specialist and get things sorted. In August I found my first gyno of NSW he was great he really listened to me and my concerns after a few visits and being convinced it was my endo back he said we should do surgery! We got quotes as he was a private specialist and I almost died at the cost it would end up being for everything… Gyno fees $2000, anaesthetist $1800, hospital over $10000. There was no way I could afford that! Then It was back to fining a gyno in the public system… Which lead to me waiting until mid 2015 before even being able to see one. In between the time of seeing my first gyno and the second I was at the stage where I was bed ridden some months it was three or four weeks at the time. I was tired and I couldn’t move and nothing healed my pain! After a few visits and being put on the wait list I decided that I really didn’t want this specialist to operate on me, I didn’t like him, he didn’t seem to care, or understand and just put me on the list because I had asked not because I needed surgery! So I rescinded to hunt for a specialist who consulted private but operated publicly. 

I then found my now gyno, my first visit I told him my long journey to him and everything that had been going on. We discussed what my options would be and what would be the best treatment shortly term until it was my turn on the list. He told me zoladex would be my best treatment option and I was so angry and felt sick because of it! I am petrified of needles like I get treated like a princess when I get my injections, I get a doctor and a nurse, a nice comfy bed to lie on, jelly beans, water and even a face cloth if it looks like I need it. So I was changed to his list and with my script I left trusting that they would be the best 6 months in a long time. 

Fast forward a could of weeks and off I was going for my first injection. We worked it it would be best if I booked with the nurse numbed the area and then came back an hour later for the injection so it wouldn’t be as painful (the boxes are huge and I haven’t heard great things about the size of the needle). I didn’t cope well but I survived, after about a week and a bit I got some spotting and my pain got bad but honestly after that it was pretty smooth sailing! I am now onto a second round of injection which has been approved by more than one gyno and have some quality of life back. I can work again, I candidate things on the weekend, think clearly and just enjoy life! I am now so close tony fourth surgery and hopefully they can remove it so that I will be pain free for a long time coming!

I will write a seperate post about my experience on zoladex as I feel like this one is already long enough! I guess I have left a lot out about the pain it had caused me but to sum up my pain it really varies and is usually at least a 7/10. I get burning sensations, stabbing, twisting pain, shooting pain and that’s all usually writhin a day! The pain never really goes but sometimes it’s just sitting there not as bothering! I have been in pain so often that pain medication hasn’t helped and I have cried myself to sleep till i physically couldn’t stay away any longer! It is so debilitating mentally and physically it drains any energy and life you have out of you, I have felt lifeless and like a zombie for weeks on end because of this disease! And to make it all worse there is no cure! 

So support endometriosis awareness month this month, I am hopeless at explaining and I’m sure there are many other blogs out there which explain it all better! I am happy to answer any questions you may have or even to just have a chat to! And let’s stick together endo sisters đŸ˜˜


My fave lipstick brand!

I cannot rave more about this amazing Australian brand. They are incredibly prices, smell incredible, last forever and are just… I can’t even describe my love for them! 

Shanghai Suzy is a Melbourne based lipstick brand who are now even producing the lipsticks in Australia, if you love to support your fellow Australians well this will be a plus for you! They are a seasonal, limited edition collection so each season they will produce a collection of lipsticks of 5 or 6 which will be the only colours available for that season. And once they are sold out after the season they are gone for good, so if you find one you like you better stock up! 

There are so many reasons why I love this brand the first being that they are so freakin affordable at only $12.95, like even if you didn’t like it (which would be unheard of) you didn’t have to sell any body parts on the black market to buy it! 

They come in a range of finishes which is great seeing as everyone has different lips! And a matte finish isn’t gonna be that great for super dry lips! They do finishes from matte to shimmer to nourishing. Which I can’t help but love all of them.

Do they smell crap? Hell no!! They smell like grape and I can’t get enough of the smell of them like I could sit and smell them all day long they smell that good! And longevity of these babies, they last forever! During the day I only have to reapply like once to keep them looking nice and bright and not even reapply if I like the faded look of it! 

Packaging on them are simple and modern, I love it. They are just in a black casing and hav a clear lid and I know that doesn’t sound that good but trust me it works and looks so good!
Cons well the only cons I have is that I can’t Emmy enough of them and I hate having to wait so long so I can the next range of them! And that once they are sold out once the season is over they are gone for good which is not great once you run out of it and then your 10 back ups of the colour!  


A bit about me…

Hey everyone!

I used to blog a little and thought I would get back into it but with a wide variety of posts rather than focusing on just one topic! But before I get into what kind of things you will read from me I will tell you a little about myself…
My name is Jade and I am 23 years old, I live in New South Wales in Australia and previously lived in Victoria, moving to NSW was my first big move away from my family and so far so good! I started studying Diploma of Specialist Makeup which I will be qualified In in about 6 weeks, I love love love makeup but I don’t  think I want to make a full blown career out of it but love doing it to break up what I do everyday!

 Since moving I also studied a certificate III in business admin and certificate IV in small business management. I am now a barber at a local salon and loving every minute of it! I enjoy everyday that I work j meet some interesting clients and have an awesome team that I work with. 

I am not into fitness at all so if you like to read about fitness and want advice on fitness this probably won’t be the blog for you, don’t get me wrong I would love to be more into fitness but by the time I finish work I’m usually pretty tired. 
I have endometriosis which I’m sure half of you have no idea what that is, but I will make some posts on my life with it and what it is! 

Other things I will blog about is Haircare and products I love as I’m a hairdresser! And it won’t just be ladies products as I know a lot of men have no idea what to use so I’ll make some posts about suitable products for what hair styles, makeup I love makeup it’s my passion and I guess beauty stuff goes hand in hang with makeup,  life things like my experiences like buying a new car and other things like that, affordable clothing and getting an outfit on a budget.. Really is will just be a bit of everything! Oh and you can expect me to share my love of mimco, my puppy and my wonderful boyf đŸ™‚

My blogging days will be Monday’s, Friday’s and Sunday’s and I will try and blog twice a week! I will upload something tomorrow -and it will probably be something about my fave brand of lipsticks! But in saying all this if you have something you would like me to blog about or any questions I am more than happy to answer or blog about it if I can!
Talk to you lovelies soon, đŸ˜˜đŸ˜˜